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Hey! Where did you disappear off to? Did you fall off the face of the Earth?

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Tunneling view (by Joseclm)

When you express gratitude for the smallest things, even when it is a struggle for you, the universe will bring you more things to be grateful for. Here are some things I love about my life in India: the freedom expressed through colours on bodies and houses. The lack of boundaries. The sharing of food and personal space. The way that all the travellers fit together—I can enter a cafe and sit with anyone I chose, we will talk about spirituality, eat of one another’s plate, bare souls, and hug each other goodbye. The way in which everyone is united by Shiva. The lack of judgement. I have overcome so many fears here about my mind, about people and social interactions, about my body. Peace wills you and leads you back to your heart. So much yoga. So much dancing. So much music! The blackouts. Bucket bathing. Bugs. The fearsome, meditative mountains. And the fact that while I was sitting here searching for more gratitude my neighbour handed me a piece of fresh rock melon. Plant your shanti tree. Start with just three things and watch it grow! 

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I forgot the name of this movie what is ittt nwhesjjaks